Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Quartzfest 2015 - A gathering of Amateur Radio Operators in RVs near Quartzsite Arizona.

A gathering of Amateur Radio Operators in RVs near Quartzsite Arizona..

This is an ARRL approved Operating Specialty Convention 

Dates: January 18th thru 24th
(T-Shirt Weather in the winter)
Location: about 6 miles south of Quartzsite Arizona

Quartzfest is a Ham Radio gathering in Quartzsite AZ during the RV show in January. Quartzfest is a 7 day event full of seminars and workshops on Ham Radio and operational techniques, Alternative Energy (mainly solar) and RV'ing…and to my knowledge is the only event of its kind in the world. Included in our schedule are seminars and classes (crafts, etc.) for those who attend but are not interested in gaining technical knowledge.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rumors about Fidel Castro's death

There was a rumor that went viral recently about the death of Fidel Castro.

The rumor turned out to be a hoax from a Spanish language satire site, which was reported by the iRumor Mill:

The world knows that Mr. Castro has fewer days ahead of him than he has behind him and that he is not long for this Earth. Such rumors have been circulating since about 2011 and we can expect more to surface in the future.

This may be a good time for ham radio operator to point their ears towards Cuba as well as tune into Cuban radio on the short wave bands. 

Frequencies for Radio Havana can be found at:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Antenna building made simple

Bob (K7AGE) has a wonderful lesson on how to build a 1/4 wave 2 meter antenna.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Old Time MGM Ham Radio Film

Found this on YouTube tonight:

SKYWARN Recognition Day 2014 is December 6

Found posted on ARRL:

SKYWARN Recognition Day 2014 gets underway at 0000 UTC on Saturday, December 6 (Friday, December 5 in US time zones). This will mark the 16th annual event. Co-sponsored by ARRL and the National Weather Service (NWS), the 24-hour event recognizes the vital public service contribution that Amateur Radio operators make while working with NWS offices during severe weather events. It also is aimed at strengthening the bond between Amateur Radio operators and local NWS offices.

The volunteer SKYWARN program comprises nearly 290,000 trained severe weather spotters — many of them radio amateurs — who identify severe storms and provide NWS forecasters with reports of local weather conditions during severe weather events. On SKYWARN Recognition Day, Amateur Radio operators visit National Weather Service offices and contact other stations in the US and around the world. WX4NHC at the National Hurricane Center in Miami will be among the NWS sites on the air for the occasion.

SKYWARN Recognition Day is not a contest. The object is for stations to exchange some basic information with as many NWS stations as possible on 80 meters through 70 centimeters (excluding 1.25 meters). Repeater contacts are permitted. Stations exchange call signs, signal reports, locations, and a one or two-word description of the weather at their respective locations.

More than 70 amateur stations are expected to be on the air from National Weather Service offices across the US, and some will use special event call signs. They will operate on various modes including SSB, FM, AM, RTTY, CW, and PSK31. While working digital modes, these special event stations will append “NWS” to their call signs (eg, N0A/NWS). It is suggested that a licensed non-National Weather Service volunteer serve as a control operator for stations set up at NWS offices.
The VoIP SKYWARN and Hurricane nets will participate in SKYWARN Recognition Day. The weekly VoIP SKYWARN/Hurricane Preparation Net will meet 1 hour earlier on December 5, prior to the official start of SKYWARN Recognition Day. The weekly net and net activations for hurricanes employ the EchoLink *WX-TALK* Conference server Node #:7203 which is integrated with IRLP Reflector 9219.

Additional details about SKYWARN Recognition Day are available on the SKYWARN Recognition Day web page.
*Source ARRL:

The 2015 Hamfest – Saturday January 17, 2014

Coming up in January.

The 2015 Hamfest – Saturday January 17, 2014 - will be located at the Larimer County Fairgrounds, in the 1st National Bank Building at The Ranch in Loveland Colorado.  Doors open to the public at 8:30am.

This spectacular facility is bright and well lit, and has room for 150 vendors and distributors.  The facility is conveniently located just north of US-34 on I-25. Talk-in frequency will be 448.025 MHz (-) 100Hz tone.

For more info:

Internet Investigations website:

Quite a few of us love conspiracy theories and Internet rumors. This is something I have been into for about the past 15 years. 

My new website is located at:

The iRumor Mill - Because you can't believe everything you read on the Internet!

Many have already been debunked or confirmed by the fact checkers and we are not going to rehash old material. We may try to look for the source for these and get the background story.

If you get an email that you want to me to look into please forward it to There is a good chance I already know about it and can offer you an answer within a day. 

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